You ask, we answer: Gang-related shooting?

QUESTION: "Why don't you guys report the gang-related attempt murder shooting yesterday on Marguerita and Main?" -Robert M, Jan. 5 via e-mail.

ANSWER: Alhambra Police Department confirmed that there were gunshots fired near Marguerita Avenue and Main Street on Friday, Jan. 4. No one was hit by the gunfire. Police said that the victims and suspects have gang affiliations, but they are not certain it was gang related. 

Police received the report of gun shots at 5:49 p.m., according to Alhambra Sgt. Gerald Johnson. Residents were in front of their home on the 100 block of South Marguerita Avenue when a passing vehicle stopped. After those in the car and in front of the home exchanged words, a person exited the vehicle and fired at the people in front of the home, Johnson said. The suspects fled before APD arrived at the scene.

"I’m told by the handling detective that both groups of people (the ones in the car and the ones on the front lawn) have gang affiliations," Johnson said. "However, these people don’t like each other regardless of any 'gang' ties."

A continued investigation led to the arrest of three male adults, one female adult, and one female juvenile. 

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