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You ask, we answer: Does the city educate home owners about trees?

QUESTION: After the city plants trees, how do they educate home owners about how to care for the trees? Also, if you look at satellite images you'll notice city boundaries between San Marino, South Pasadena, and North San Gabriel, simply by looking for less greenery. Why? Can the city plant more? —Bonita S., March 15 via email

ANSWER: The city gives residents resources on tree care, according to a representative from the Department of Public Works. When a tree is planted in front of a house in Alhambra, the city places a door hanger on the resident’s home with instructions in three languages on how to properly take care of the tree. These brochures are also available at the Public Works office and the Info Desk at the City Clerk’s office.

The city contracts West Coast Arborist to plant trees around the city, said Public Works. The amount of trees allotted for a city usually depends on the number of parks and golf courses in the area.

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4 thoughts on “You ask, we answer: Does the city educate home owners about trees?”

  1. It seems like almost every day that when driving around the city, someone is taking down a tree. An Asian friend of mine (and someone please correct this) said that trees, especially large ones that come in the slightest contact with a home, is considered “bad.”

    Another reason may be that with residents intent on maximizing the amount of build-able area on a property, that trees are sacrificed for maximum rental space.

  2. Been here for 15 year, nothing about trees except when they’re going to trim them. Yes, Alhambra needs more trees, they insulate against noise, give much-needed shade in the summer and clean the air. That’s why South Pas is so cozy.

  3. Carmelita Haltom

    Please! Give me a break. 28 years in this home, 30 in the other one.
    NO one has ever spoken about the trees!
    They used to water them.

  4. Tough to educate people who don’t care.

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