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Wizards, squibs, and muggles, oh my!

A line of witches, wizards, squibs, and muggles curved around Main and down Bay streets Saturday night. The enthusiastic Harry Potter fans in Hogwarts uniform waited patiently for hours at Gallery Nucleus’s Harry Potter Tribute Exhibition.

Stephanie Ho, a Monterey Park resident stood sweating in her black Hogwarts cloak, doing her best not to rub off the eyeliner lightening-shaped scar on her forehead.

“The wait was a little crazy,” Ho, who waited for two hours, said. “But the experience itself was worth it.”

Harry Potter inspired admired by a fan. | By Nathan SolisThe “experience” was a highly energetic if overcrowded tribute to J.K. Rowling’s best-selling series. Harry Potter merchandise had fans packed in a corner reaching over one another to check the price of Harry’s glasses or Hermione’s wand. A Snitch Seeking Booth, which contained small pieces of paper that were blown into the air, had Seekers lining up to test their Quidditch skills. And magic and reality came to a culinary crossing as fans sipped on butterbeer and tasted Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans (Booger was my personal favorite).

A costume contest, photo station, and regular raffles kept guests entertained while they browsed the Harry Potter-themed artwork. Artists created prints of characters from the books and films, as well as 3-D art and sculpture. Reproductions and originals are available at the gallery and online at the gallery's website.

"I loved seeing the enthusiasm from the general public,” Ho continued. “Seeing all the costumes and how well thought they were, and how playful everyone was, I thought that was really cool.”

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