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Where were Alhambra residents born? And what is their ethnicity?

As you may know, the Alhambra Source is a collaborative project initiated by journalists and communication researchers at the USC's Annenberg School. The Alhambra Source staff and the USC Metamorphosis research group post some of the insights gleaned through our work in your community. As we share what we have learned, we hope you will let us know what you think through comments.

In this post we take a look at Alhambra's ethnic composition and foreign-born population based on the five-year estimates recently released by the American Community Survey.

Alhambra: race

About half of Alhambra's residents are Asian, a third Hispanic and 12 % Caucasian. Compared to LA County as a whole, Alhambra has a lower concentration of Caucasian and Hispanic residents, but a much higher Asian percentage of the population.

Alhambra: place of birth

Most of the residents of Alhambra were not born in the United States: close to a third of the residents are foreign-born naturalized US citizens, and 20% are not US citizens. About 40% of the population of Alhambra is born in California, with another 9% born in other US states.

Alhambra: foreign-born residents

Click on countries on the map below to see how many of Alhambra's foreign-born residents were born. in the region. Zoom in and out or click and drag the map to see diffrent parts of the globe.

2 thoughts on “Where were Alhambra residents born? And what is their ethnicity?”

  1. The statistics are actually based in summary statistics from 2005 – 2009 American Community Surveys.

  2. What census are these statistics based upon.2000 or 2010?

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