Where is the best boba in Alhambra?

It seemed only fitting that we would follow up our wildly popular — and somewhat controversial — burger poll with a regional favorite: boba! The SGV is teeming with crowded tea houses, which have become a typical hang out for locals (though some of our staff find them overwhelming with noisy high school students). And the tapioca pearls in milk tea have become a staple for many Asian restaurants or cafes in the area. So what did our voters choose as the best place to enjoy their boba?

Ozero, a sleek shop on Valley Boulevard, led the field with 38 percent of the votes. The Alhambra High student haunt, Cha for Tea, came in a close second with 25 percent while Tea Station scored third with 12 percent. Banh Mi Che Cali, which features two boba for the price of one, scored a few votes to reach fourth place on our list.  Did your favorite boba spot make the cut? Take our poll and let us know which spots to check out!

Since Alhambrans are passionate about their food, we decided to compile a map with local food secrets (yellow icons), along with the picks for best burgers (pink) and boba (blue) as hand-picked by our very own readers. Click on the icons in the interactive map below to find out more about Alhambra's most popular dining destinations.

7 thoughts on “Where is the best boba in Alhambra?”

  1. then wheres honey badger or quicklys lol

  2. Yay ozero! They’ll probably be at the 2nd 626NightMarket again.

  3. boba is SO 4 years ago

    1. Alright @SGVforlife, so tell us! What's the thing for 2012??

  4. yeah so what happened to factory tea bar or half and half?

    1. Half & Half is the best BUT there is no location in Alhambra…

    2. There aren't any Factory Tea Bar or Half and Half locations in Alhambra, and we wanted to limit our search.

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