Where in Alhambra was this row of buildings?

This photo was taken in 1897 at one of Alhambra's main intersections. Can you guess where this photo was taken? Submit your answer in the comments section below!

Did you guess last week's photo? That is the San Gabriel CSC Community Health Center on Garfield Avenue near Commonwealth Avenue.

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2 thoughts on “Where in Alhambra was this row of buildings?”

  1. This view, from just east of First St, is looking east along Main toward Garfield. On the left, with the tall cupola, is the Alh Hotel & just beyond, same side, is the Jones Block Bldg (1887). Between the 2 bldgs is Garfield. On the right, 2nd bldg back, is the Alh Bank and beyond it, with the awning sticking out into the street, is the dry goods store of Crowe and Drake. Between the 2 bldgs is Garfield.

  2. 1st street so. of Main st.

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