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Where in Alhambra is this historical photo collection?

This 12-foot-wide mural includes photos of Alhambra City Hall in 1910 and a Valley Boulevard produce shop in the 1920s. Can you guess where in Alhambra this photo was taken? Submit your answer below!

Did you guess last week's photo? Nearly 1,000 students, staff, and parents at Garfield Elementary School dipped their hands in paint to make the school's mural of a wildcat.

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1 thought on “Where in Alhambra is this historical photo collection?”

  1. Bernice Ortega

    Actually it was the first mini mart in Southern California because they sold gas and grocery goods. Giles E. and Evelyn Ratkowski purchased the house on northeast corner of Fremont and Valley Bl., in Aug. 1926 the store was across the street
    the picture was from Fame Rybicki, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ratkowski she is also the little girl seen in the picture. she is still doing well at the age of 94 very interesting person to talk too.

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