Where in Alhambra is this ham and cheese bun?

You can buy a ham and cheese bun for $1.25 here — can you guess where in Alhambra this photo was taken? Leave your answer in the comments section below.

Did you guess last week's photo? The orange menu offering "tortas, tacos, and sopes" is located at La Cafeina Cafe at Palm Avenue and Lemon Street.

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6 thoughts on “Where in Alhambra is this ham and cheese bun?”

  1. Mandarin Deli on Atlantic Blvd in Monterey Park?

  2. This sandwich is at Banh Mi Che Cali on 6th & Valley Blvd….

  3. Banh Mi Che Cali

  4. Banh Mi Che Cali doesn’t have an altar so I would say Ba Le

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