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Where in Alhambra is this grocery store?

This grocery store is one of the hidden treasures in Alhambra, selling fresh meats, fruits and vegtables at competitive prices.

Have you shopped at this place before? Leave your answer in the comments section below.

Did you guess last week's photo? This piece of metal which used to be part of the World Trade Center can be found in the newly constructed 9/11 memorial in front of the Alhambra Fire Station on 1st Street and Woodward Avenue. 

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7 thoughts on “Where in Alhambra is this grocery store?”

  1. ADDICTED SINCE the last century (well the late part of it anyways …. 1999). ABSOLUTELY A FAITHFUL FAN OF THIS TRIANGULAR PLOT OF LAND.
    PRODUCE – amazing. Carne Asada – far niente.
    Yep. Alhambra Market?

  2. Alhambra Market.
    I get inexpensive rice,beans,pork neck, and produce along Lotto.

  3. Alhambra market ….shop there for produce great prices..

  4. Alhambra Market on Cedar St and Main St =]

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