Where dogs dare to roam

Picture Alhambra: Portraits of the City of Alhambra and its people.

Until City Council members determine a designated dog park, Alhambra canines are out of luck.

The photo: When Cliff Thenard’s dog, Chase, came home from surgery, he managed to puppy-dog his way onto the couch while his master was in the middle of a video game session.

“I was playing Skyrim at the time and he looked at me with a sad puppy dog face as he slowly tried to climb up onto the couch,” said Thenard, who has a strict no-dog-on-couch policy.

“He laid down beside me, resting his head and bandaged paw on my lap as I continued to play. I later noticed that my camera was sitting nearby and took a couple of shots.”

The photographer: Cliff Thenard and Chase live in nearby South Pasadena, though they sometimes frequent Alhambra Park or the Arroyo Seco Park bordering Highland Park.

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  1. Julie's patches are amazing! Of course I can only speak for the human patches, but I love that there are animal patches too

  2. Hi Cliff… I have acupuncture patches to help alleviate your dog’s pain from the surgery…. 🙂

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