What supermarket would you choose for Downtown, Alhambra?

Alhambra's Super A will be closing soon and construction is scheduled to begin in late summer for a mixed-use development. The privately developed property at Fourth and Main streets should have a 15,000-square feet space which would be "suitable for a Trader Joe's or Fresh & Easy market," according to city documents.

What supermarket do you think would improve Downtown, Alhambra and serve your needs? You can take the survey below or via cell phone by texting the word Market to 877877. (For those of you who took our earlier supermarket poll – thank you – and please take this one as well. We've added more questions based on the initial responses.)

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1 thought on “What supermarket would you choose for Downtown, Alhambra?”

  1. Actually, I wanted to mention, that although I would love to see Trader Joe’s in Alhambra, the Alhambra High School students that will go there before and after school will ruin the experience.
    Shop lifting and pseudo thug like activity will make it difficult for any place to stay positive.

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