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What is the Best of Alhambra? 什麽是阿罕布拉之最?¿Qué es lo mejor de Alhambra?

Know of the best places to eat in Alhambra? The best places to visit? We want your expert opinion!The Alhambra Source is opening submissions for category ideas in our first (hopefully annual)  "Best of Alhambra." This will be a best of what the city has to offer, which will be a guide to Alhambra to new visitors as well as locals.

Alhambra Source staff and contributors have come up with some contest categories. Now we want to see if you have other ideas for categories. We've got a list below and on a Google document. Either write comments here, e-mail info@alhambrasource.org, or put your ideas on the Google doc.

Final categories will be announced later this month. Then we'll be coming back to you for submissions and to vote on winners. Winners will be chosen by a combination of reader input and a panel of local judges. Winners in each category will be announced in January.

Best of Alhambra: Suggested Categories


* Best boba* Best pho* Best dim sum* Best tacos* Best place to order tamales for Christmas* Best ice cream flavor (and where)* Best delicatessen* Best sports bar* Best greasy breakfast* Best hamburger* Best lunch for under $5.00* Best place to splurge* Best place to eat on a first date* Best place to eat on a last date


* Best street for a nighttime stroll* Best looking block* Best Christmas decorations* Best park for a picnic* Best place to see Catalina Island (yes…from Alhambra)* Best spot to stare at the mountains* Best place to stop and smell the roses* Best elementary school playground

Health and Beauty

* Best place to get a pedicure* Best foot massage* Best spot for acupuncture and herbs

* Best place for a haircut under $20


* Best Alhambra celebrity* Best place to show off your dance moves

* Best time and place to learn Tai Chi* Best tennis courts* Best customer service* Best place to study* Best family-friendly business* Best Alhambra landmark* Best alternative slogan for Alhambra* Best reason to live in Alhambra

* Best Alhambra surprise






以下是我們已經收集的分類項目,你可以在這個頁面直接留下你的建議,也可以發郵件到:info@alhambrasource.org, 或點擊“谷歌文檔 (google doc)”留言。




• 最好的波霸奶茶• 最好的越南河粉• 最好的中式點心• 最好的tacos• 最好的墨西哥玉米粉蒸肉(Tamales)• 最好口味的冰激淩(在哪裏)• 最好的熟食店• 最好的運動酒吧• 最好的含脂早餐• 最好的漢堡• 最好的5美元以下的午餐• 最好的揮霍錢財的地方• 最好的首次約會的餐館• 最好的最後一次約會的餐館


• 最好的晚上散步的街道• 最漂亮的街區• 最好的聖誕裝飾• 最好的野餐公園• 最佳的遠眺卡特琳娜島的地方(當然,從阿罕布拉來看)• 最佳的看山景的位置• 最好的停下來品味玫瑰花香的地方• 最好的小學操場


• 最好的指甲修理師• 最好的腳底按摩• 最好的針灸和草藥診所• 最好的20美元以下的理發店


• 最著名的阿罕布拉名人• 最佳的炫耀你舞步的場所• 最佳的學習太極的時間和場所• 最好的網球場• 最好的客戶服務• 最好的學習的地方• 最具家庭氛圍的營業場所• 最佳的阿罕布拉地標• 最好的要在阿罕布拉居住的理由• 阿罕布拉給你的最大驚奇 

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1 thought on “What is the Best of Alhambra? 什麽是阿罕布拉之最?¿Qué es lo mejor de Alhambra?”

  1. * Best 24-hour food
    * Best cheap Chinese food
    * Best ramen
    * Best specialty food item or dish (and where)
    * Best car repair
    * Best electronic gadget store
    * Best hardware store
    * Best dollar/99/98 store
    * Best gym
    * Best beauty supply store
    * Best pet supply store
    * Best veterinarian
    * Best store for knickknacks
    * Best farmer’s market stall

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