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What do you think of the idea of 710 Day?

POLL: Alhambra city officials have pronounced July 10, 2013 as "710 Day" to celebrate its efforts to close the gap with a family festival at the arch park at Fremont and Valley.

According to the city website, the event will include "educational presentations and booths to raise awareness about air quality and reducing traffic congestion by CLOSING THE GAP via the proposed SR-710 extension from Alhambra to Pasadena."

But not everyone is a fan. The Pasadena Sun in an editorial cartoon recently ridiculed the idea, with a cartoon showing Alhambra Mayor Steven Placido standing by himself.

What do you think about the idea of 710 day? Is this a good way for the city to support efforts to close the gap? 

How do you plan to spend July 10, 2013?

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25 thoughts on “What do you think of the idea of 710 Day?”

  1. C'mon Steve! What were you thinking? Like you, most people work on Wednesdays. All that did was make our commute more of a pain in the a**troid.

  2. Sorry for the loss of business today. I had some shopping and banking to do today and was originally going to do so in Alhambra. I had seen the signs that Fremont would be closed today and assumed that the closure was for street repair or construction; I would have found alternate routes. But, when I found that the Fremont closure wasn’t for street repair or construction I decided to do my errands in Pasadena instead.

  3. I think that if you are worried about pollution you should do something about those express lanes on the I10 that instead of helping to moved the traffic have created more traffic and congestion.

  4. I lived in Alhambra and drove to Long Beach for work 5 days a week in the past 10 years. Forget about the proposal guys. The freeway kept blocking here and there in the past ten years and sometimes you didn’t even know why it was blocked. They blocked the freeway and didn’t show clear sign of “road work” or “detour” and quite a few times I saw people almost hit the block and forced to enforce a “sudden stop”. Can you believe they have the farsighted and ability to finish the project? I am not concerned about whether they passed the proposal because I have no reason to believe 710 and Pasadena will be connected in the next ten years or so. Moreover, the main reason for the traffic is driving habit. If you lived in L.A., you know what I mean. If you want significantly improve the freeway, close some of the unnecessary exits, as simple as that. Even I lived in ALhambra, for the freeway 10, I don’t need so many freeway exits (Garfield, Atlantic, New, Del Mar, San Garbriel Bl, Walnut Grove)…C’mon, do you need an exit for every single street?

  5. Unlike some of the posters here, I live in Alhambra. I support the environmental review process but I think digging a tunnel for autos would be a costly mistake.

    Folks who continue pushing – in many cases blindly – the 710 freeway solution in its current iteration are ignoring several key issues related to the current designs being considered as part of the environmental review process.

    The most important being that Caltrans has acknowledged finishing the 710 may not actually improve traffic on surface streets, although there might be a slight improvement. Most of the people cutting through are headed to Huntington. Had there been a tunnel exit at Huntington we would have seen substantial improvement on Alhambra’s surface streets according to its consultants and reports. Moreover, tolls have not been set. A significant percentage of people are expected to skip the tunnel due to the required tolls – called a diversion rate. That rate goes up with each small toll increase.

    So, why support a plan that might only decrease traffic slightly, and without guarantees? Sounds like we’re going along too easily. Why not exact more in return. How about our support in return for a light rail from El Monte to union station with 3 stops in Alhambra? On top of the east LA to Pasadena line?

    The tunnel will cost billions. I think that if we’re serious about decreasing traffic, that money is better spent on double tracking metrolink so people commuting in have a more valuable option. Double tracking and separating the train route from car traffic would allow more trains, take less time to traverse the route, and allow electrification.

    Lastly, where is the light rail option in the 710 Day plans? That would be better for the city in the long run than a tunnel that only slightly decreased traffic. Sigh.

    Ultimately, I think the City as a whole should wait for Metro to finish the environmental review before supporting the tunnel option. At this point we’re blind to its actual value and costs.

    1. Dan, you asked where is the light rail option in the 710 Day plans? How about the LRT-4X Alternative which you mentioned in your announcement?


      I went to both SR-710 open houses in Pasadena and San Marino back in January 2013. I spoke with the Metro reps. and found the LRT-4X very appealing, especially with a proposed Alhambra subway station on Fremont Ave. near the LA Dept. of Public Works building. Integrating this line with the rest of the Metro light-rail network, in my opinion, will help absorb much of the inter-regional freeway/street traffic on our roads now. It may not be a complete solution, but when added to other alternatives in the future, will really help. Of course the key issues as always is political support and funding.

  6. The truth is always simple. The 710 extention and expansion has never been about the truth. That is why it has been perkolating in its own juices fro 40 years.

    If only the lies were as simple.

  7. Wednesday was picked because it is the 10th day of the 7th month. 7/10=710. Original, isn’t it?

    For far too long Alhambra was allowed to dictate and define the discussion on the 710 issue. With the coming together of the many cities, communities and organizations opposed to the 710 (while providing logical and positive alternatives) those days are now past.

    The 710 Day is but Alhambra’s flailing attempt to regain control of the discussion.

  8. Tolls are not the answer,and this is a toll road. This information is rarely brought to the masses, since it will not play well. The new toll roads are not being utilized,since taxpayers have funded, maintained, bought the equipment to build the roads, and will not pay to use them. This is a sham to make engineers,planners, and those at the top of the Caltrans food chain, rich enough to retire on the billions that will be spent to gamble on this plan.

  9. Alhambra politicians use the 710 as a political vehicle only. They are not interested in solutions. The only solution they have proposed in 40 years is to complete the freeway. We need new thinking, not outdated solutions. Elect new officials with new ideas, not old officials with old ideas. The “old guard” has got us into the mess we are in. It takes a new guard to get us out.

  10. We need more participation for this! Why is this scheduled for a Wednesday from 10 am to 2 pm? Make it before/after the commute when the people who care about it most can show up and support it!

    1. The only reasons the date & times are as they are is because Placido & Messina don’t really care to get input from the public. Placido & Messina think they can dictate to Alhambra residents what is good for them. Perfect examples are the city council meetings where they shutdown any stakeholder that questions their motives or actions.
      Alhambra has paid a consultant named Leland Dolley close to $2 million dollars to promote this boondoggle. Has anyone in Alhambra even seen or heard one peep from this guy?
      In the mean time Alhambra suffers economically with massive amounts of shuttered businesses on Main St & Garfield Ave. What are Palcido & Messina doing about improving their city besides lining their pockets with
      Measure R Funds, our tax dollars.

      1. Hey joe, ever bothered to walk down Main St? ! Things are doing fine and lots of people are out there on the weekends. What consultant are you getting your info. from?

      2. Don’t need a consultant. I have seen the empty shops myself. I am in the process of photographing & documenting all the empty shops in the business area. Ambiente restaurant on Garfield shuttered, what used to be the ‘Adorable Shop across from Ambiente has been standing empty for 20 years, the Mall across the street from Edwards Theaters virtually empty except for the Tea place on the corner. all the empty store fronts on Main from Atlantic to Chapel, Asian restaurants on the corner of Garfield & Main, Hallmark Cards, Tony Roma’s, Mervyn’s standing empty. The pedestrian area around Ross Dress For Less (side alley way to rear parking) gum on the sidewalk has not been removed in years & overall poorly maintained. I have interviewed some of the Asian shop owners & they are very critical of Alhambra’s leadership. Yeah, the crowds cluster at the Edwards Theater complex & Applebys, so what’s you point?

      3. Joe, what’s my point? That I totally disagree with you. My point is that you can take all the photos you want, but it will mostly be biased if you don’t show all the businesses that have OPENED! Just check out all the new businesses the Alhambra Source has been reviewing. It’s great!

        I’ve been to Ambiente, have you? I know people who have been there many times. Ever come across to you the drug dealings and police activities that went on there? Of course not, you’re too busy complaining about the city. So when it came time for lease /license renewals and they were denied who did you thank? Probably no one.

        Those businesses closing on Main St.? Gee I guess only Alhambra should be blamed for the last recession we just went through. I’m sure every other city had none of their businesses closed. Shame on us!

        Those Asian Shop owners you interviewed? They are obviously not the Asian business folks who took a picture with Steven Placido and had their group picture published in the Chinese newspaper when he was running for councilmember. Many of them support him and guess what? He’s now mayor! Go Alhambra!

      4. Here is my response to Tom, hey is this really Mayor Placido. You sure know more than the usual Alhambra resident. Yeah go Alhambra. Very funny!

      5. I just wanted all to know I am using my real name & not hiding behind an anonymous posting.

      6. And here is my response to Joe, must you think everyone who opposes your idea is from the city council? Believe it or not, many residents here LOVE our city and the direction it is heading in.

        Wow, you think I’m the mayor? Seriously?

        I don’t know if I sure know more than the usual Alhambra resident, but after watching your video link I think you tend to dumb-down our residents because the media you throw out does seem to cater to those uninformed.

        By the way, very funny video. I can throw any city councilmember’s face on it, from any city, and I can still laugh from it because it will still make sense. In my opinion, the video makes good promo material for supporting Technocracy!

      7. Putting flower puts on street corners and telling people to water their lawns — your city taxes at work!

    2. This is a no-brainer. They didn’t make the time of the “celebration” at a time when commuters could go because it’s not about commuters. It’s about goods movement by truck from the ports. Please don’t think for a minute that Messina and her cronies are concerned about commuters.

      1. Couldn’t have said it any better myself!
        Alhambra’s City Council = BAD NEWS BEARS

  11. Teresa Marquez

    Although the 710 is not the answer, Alhambra needs to better plan their explosion on continue to built housing, and have not improve their public transportation in order to reduce the need of automobiles. Alhambra has been building housing without managing or mediating traffic. In addition, the transitions ramps to various freeways from the San Bernardino Freeway have not been improve to handle the traffic created by the increse of housing in Alhambra.

  12. John McCormick

    We don’t need a 20th Century solution to a 21st Century problem. Whether above or below ground, more cars and trucks in the community are not the answer.

  13. It is a waste of time. This has been going on for more than 40 years…and will probably continue for another 40.

    1. Those whose commutes are impacted by the lack of action on the completion of the 710 are the ones who time is being wasted. I’m fed up with it!