Welcome to the SGV food video made in Seattle

If you aren't one of the 25,000 viewers who have already watched this tribute to SGV eats, it's definitely worth checking out: the hip hop ode will make you appreciate all Valley Boulevard has to offer in a whole new way. 

But it turns out that Andrew and David Fung aren't even local boys — they're from Seattle. The LA Times Food blog catches up with them via e-mail.

"Seattle is a nice place, but its variety of Asian food is extremely limited to teriyaki shops, a few sushi places and an aging Chinatown," writes Andrew. "When we stayed with our cousin in Monterey Park we would be in awe of the great food that Garvey Avenue offered. Then we started hitting places in Alhambra, then Arcadia and soon we had eaten at many highly rated (thanks, Yelp) restaurants in the immediate area. The song doesn't do the SGV complete justice because there are tons of places missing, but it's safe to say I will be coming back very very soon."

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