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Welcome to New York: an earthquake

Alhambra Source's Tim Loc arrived in New York earlier this month for graduate school. The last thing he expected was a quake. 

I was at a coffeeshop when I felt a faint swaying. The Angeleno in me immediately thought it was an earthquake, but then I thought maybe it was a subway train or something, and didn't want to overreact and expose myself as a NY newbie. But then everyone in the shop looked up from their books/laptops, and that's when I knew it was an earthquake. It's like the Earth is trying to make me feel at home!

An East Coast earthquake reminds us that Californians needs to be prepared. Help your kids get ready with a free coloring book. 幫助您的孩子地震逃生 | Ayude a sus hijos a prepararse frente a un terremoto.

Help your kids prepare for earthquakes with a free coloring book by California Watch.

Children are at high risk during an earthquake, according to a recent investigation from California Watch. The site reports state regulators are in part responsible, because they have failed to enforce safety laws for public schools. In order to better prepare children for earthquake, California Watch created a coloring book. "Ready to Rumble" comes in four languages: English, Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese. 


根據California Watch網站的最新調查顯示,孩童在地震中尤其容易遭遇危險。此網站報導政府相關單位應當擔起部份責任,因為他們沒有成功地在公立學校執行安全法規。爲了更好地保護孩童,California Watch設計了一份防災教育著色繪本“Ready to Rumble”,同時提供多種語言版本,包含英文,西班牙文,中文和越南文。小朋友們可以跟著著色本中的小狗主人公Sunny,一同學習有關地震的基本知識,應變方法,以及應該迴避的危險場所。您可以在這裡直接訂購着色本,亦可從網站上免費下載

Un libro gratuito para colorear les enseña cómo reaccionar frente a un sismo.

Los niños están en una situación de alto riesgo durante un terremoto, según una reciente investigación de California Watch. La página web señala que las autoridades son, en parte, responsables, porque no han hecho cumplir las leyes de seguridad en las escuelas públicas. Para preparar mejor a los niños frente a estos desastres, California Watch creó un libro para colorear. ¨Ready to Rumble¨ (listo para el estruendo) puede encontrarse en inglés, español, chino y vietnamita. El perro protagonista, Sunny, les enseña a los niños la información más importante sobre los terremotos: cómo responder y qué lugares deben evitar. 

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  1. Oh Timmy, how we miss you!

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