Visions for Alhambra Place

Last week we asked our readers: What would you like to see in Alhambra Place? The plaza on Garfield and Main streets has been mostly empty since 2009 when Mervyn's closed, and we wanted to know what residents wanted to do with the space. We received more than 300 votes and more than 60 comments and write-in answers. 

The chart below shows our poll results. A majority of voters wanted to see a chain department store and/ or an independent retail store move into the plaza.

Voters were allowed to vote for multiple selections.

Dozens of readers wrote in answers to our question, either in the poll's "Other" section, in the story's comments, or on Facebook. Alhambra Source also interviewed residents near Main Street and asked them what kind of businesses they'd like to see in Alhambra Place.

Trader Joe's was the most popular suggestion, with a majority of the answers calling for the specialty grocery store to move in to the plaza. Other popular suggestions were a new space for the Farmers' Market, a public gathering space or park, a large department store like Macy's or Nordstrom, a bookstore like Barnes and Noble or Vroman's, and a national dining chain like BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse or The Coffee Bean.

Some residents also made unique suggestions, such as a casino with slots and black jack, a drug rehabilitation facility, and a skate park.

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