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Vacation fantasyland: Alhambra?

A backyard margarita machine? Pool with two (why stop at one) theater screens? Water slide? Unlimited access to classic arcade games, bocce ball, and Hulk Hands? On a vacation in … Alhambra?

Curbed LA uncoverd a temporary room for rent, which the real estate site describes as "one of the most flagrant examples of Peter Pan syndrome we've ever seen. Either that, or the bait for a Hostel-style trap that lures frat boys to their doom for the amusement of some diabolical cabal."

The Alhambra listing on the social media temporary rentals site Airbnb caught Curbed's attention because of a backyard pool that is described as "justification for jihad." (We'll just skip that.)

The game room with pool, shuffleboard, air hockey, and darts.

Located around the corner from Granada Park on Montezuma Avenue, the house definitely offers a unique haven for the guest seeking fun in the sun: "Our ridiculous backyard pool with two theater screens, two flat screen TVs, spa, rock waterfalls, grotto, waterslide, swim jets, pool basketball, beach entry with a gas fire pit, gas tiki torches, and more. And it all turns on with one button!"

Doubting whether this place really exists? We've contacted the host, but have yet to reply. The reviews, though, appear authentic, and testify, "All the roommates are super-cool and helpful when needed."

But don't think you can put in a quiet night's stay here (make that two, since there is a minimum for reservations) and have a relaxing evening to yourself. "If you want an everyday, boring apartment and minimal social interaction, you've clicked on the wrong ad," the host warns.

The arcade basketball game.

If that doesn't please you, there are two more Alhambra homes for rent available via the site. Or maybe you're looking for a more subdued getaway. Why not venture a few blocks across city limits into El Sereno and retreat into this retro camper? Don't worry, electricity and WiFi included.

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