Traffic delays near Fremont and Mission expected for weeks

Traffic on Fremont Avenue near Mission Road will be impacted during gas line repairs, according to the Alhambra Police Department.

Southbound traffic between 1000 Fremont Avenue — the entrance to the Kohl's parking lot — and Mission will be limited to one lane for three weeks as the Southern California Gas Company replaces a 50-foot portion of a gas main, according to Angela Fentiman, spokesperson for the utility company.

Traffic delays are expected, said Alhambra PD. "We strongly suggest taking an alternate southbound route," the agency posted Thursday on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Traffic delays near Fremont and Mission expected for weeks”

  1. @ Felix, You live in a city. It’s a gas line repair. Maintenance needs to be done. Please get over it.

  2. The Alhambra PD’s word that they “strongly suggest taking an alternate southbound route” around the construction work on Fremont by Mission Rd. must have been written by one of Jay Leno’s out of work joke writers. As the Alhambra police must (or should) know, the best alternate crossings over the railroad tracks (i.e. Westminster and streets to the east) were made into dead ends when the train tracks were lowered below street level. This concentrated north/south traffic on Fremont from Valley to Main and, along with Alhambra’s overbuilding by converting single family homes to condos, has caused numerous slowdowns, traffic delays, and tie ups for decades. If Alhambra is really serious about easing north/south traffic it should restore the street-level crossings at key streets, such as Westminster, Palm, etc. Then we would have realistic alternate routes.

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