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Tokyo Lobby in San Gabriel to be "in total shut down"

Tokyo Lobby in San Gabriel is closing on Sunday, March 17. An employee confirmed that the Japanese restaurant on 927 E. Last Tunas Dr. will be in "total shut down" and not be relocated.

The restaurant is closing due to a lack of customers, according to the employee. The opening of the 168 Market, a neighboring grocery store that has claimed a majority of the restaurant's parking, has made it difficult for customers to visit the location.

Tokyo Lobby's rent has also increased by about $60,000 annually, according to Chowhound. While the restaurant has been trying to cut expenses and even closes one day a week, it will now have to close completely.

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7 thoughts on “Tokyo Lobby in San Gabriel to be "in total shut down"”

  1. I miss this place. I miss the original Tokyo Lobby in hacienda heights. I really wish they would reopen somewhere.

  2. I used to eat here as well. Loved it. Ate there for many, many years. So many memories. But I think that’s the point: So many people have said they “used to” eat there. How many of us lamenting its demise ate there in 2013? So many of us, for whatever reason, stopped eating there long ago. When we stop patronizing a business, it shuts down. I’m sad to see it go, but nostalgia — as opposed to buying food — won’t pay the (increasing) rent. RIP, Tokyo Lobby. You had a most impressive run, and for that, your former patrons are grateful.

  3. They never changed. Should have remodeled that place years ago and up the quality of the product. Went inside last year and felt like I went back in time to the late 1980s.

  4. Aw man I used to eat here still a while back. Now it’s done? 🙁

  5. It will probably be replaced with a much higher-quality (I love Japanese food but Tokyo Lobby was a super watered-down version) but less universally accessible Chinese restaurant.

    The SGV is changing rapidly indeed. For better or worse. Overall it’s probably better but for certain folks, worse.

  6. I will also miss this place. Use to eat here often in the 90s.

  7. This is very unfortunate. It was easier to get to when the market was Luvs then Albertsons, but I can only imagine now how tough the parking situation is with the Asian specialty market. Almost the same thing happened with Norms on Valley.

    Bahookas also sold and is now closing as well. These places were mainstay eateries for the San Gabriel Valley and it’s sad to see family style restaurants like this go.

    I feel bad for the employees who have probably been there forever. I hope they fare better than the restaurant itself.

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