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Tips on getting a Christmas tree via China Press

Christmas is in less than a week and Alhambra Home Depot is abuzz with tree purchases, reports China Press. The paper also provided hints on the selection, purchase, transportation, display, and recycling of Christmas trees:

  1. Before leaving for tree shopping, you should decide where it will be put at your home. Do not place the tree near the fireplace or wires. Measure the space to get an idea of what size of a tree you are looking for.
  2. Bring a tape when you go shopping.
  3. The best-picked Christmas trees are the short thorn ones with thick and spread-out branches, which can support heavy decorations. The fresh trees shall have  bright green ans shiny branches; in opposed to dry and yellow ones. The needles will not fall off and the branches are not easily broken when you play around with the trees.
  4. Wear a pair of thick gloves when handling the trees. Use an old blanket to protect your car from scratching. Bring ropes to fix the tree in the car.
  5. Cut the roots by half inch before putting the tree into warm water. This step ensures the tree will absorb water at its fastest speed.
  6. Select a Christmas tree base that is big enough for the trunk. The taller the tree, the bigger the base should be. A base that holds more water decreases the times of refill. Choose an adjustable base to make sure the tree will always stand straight.
  7. If the house has carpet, it is best to put a plastic sheet at the bottom of the tree. This prevents the carpet from being soaked in water or getting wataer stains. Use fastening clip to grip the trunk, and fishing line to secure the tree next to the wall.
  8. At the end of the holiday season, call the garbage collecting company or the government officials about how to recycle Christmas trees. Never attempt to bring the tree; it may bring fire.


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