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The "Unbeautiful" letter / La carta "Unbeautiful" / “你的房子需要美化”

Alhambra city staff is considering sending a letter — called the Alhambra Unbeautiful Letter — to residents whose homes are “in need of beautification” but do not violate city code, according to Assistant City Manager Chris Paulson. The letter is the idea of Councilwoman Barbara Messina, who told Council that it's "just a reminder that, 'Gee, your lawn needs watering.'" Alhambra Source wants to know what you think.

Personal de la ciudad de Alhambra está considerando una propuesta de enviar una carta — llamada la Alhambra Carta Unbeautiful — a los residentes con hogares "en necesidad de embellecimiento", pero no viola código de ciudad, dijo Administrador de la Ciudad Chris Paulson. La carta es la idea de Concejala Barbara Messina, quien dijo que es "sólo un recordatorio de, 'Gee, el césped necesita riego." Alhambra Source quiere saber su opinión.

阿罕布拉市助理經理 Chris Paulson 說市政府正在考慮給那些房子“需要美化”的居民發一封信,儘管這些房子的外觀並沒有違反有關法律。市議員Barbara Messina 說這封信只是提醒居民去維護他們的房子,諸如“你的草坪需要澆水。”我們希望傾聽你對此提議的看法。

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1 thought on “The "Unbeautiful" letter / La carta "Unbeautiful" / “你的房子需要美化””

  1. What a crock and waste of time and resources. Spending city time and funds on a needless letter. Additionally, this is so subjective. Who’s going to decide which homes get the letter? First a monument to a paid city employee and now this. Messina, here’s my “unbeautiful letter” to you: focus on city services and public safety and leave the lawn mowing to homeowners. Besides, in a drought like ours it’s wise to conserve water.

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