The 'Know Your Source' Party!

An exceptionally diverse group of roughly 100 Alhambra residents, USC Annenberg professors and students came out to Gallery Nucleus last night to celebrate local culture and support Alhambra Source.

Here are the first pictures. More to come throughout the day.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the event a success! We'd love to hear your ideas for the location and activities for the next one!

Daniela and the Alhambra Sourcerers


And a special thank you to the businesses who donated:

Cafeina watermelon punch, Boteco Brazilian appetizers, Green Chopsticks dumplings, Wahib's Middle Eastern delicacies | PromoIdeas for printing support, Gallery Nucleus, Roaster Family coffee, JayVee Dance classes

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  1. So bummed I missed this! Will definitely keep my eyes peeled for the next one. I’m an Alhambra resident who frequents Gallery Nucleus so I’m hoping it’s there again 🙂

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