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The 'Know Your Source' Party!


Gallery Nucleus

210 E. Main St.
Alhambra , CA 91801 United States

Get to know Alhambra Source staff and contributors – and celebrate local culture and stories with us!

Cafeina watermelon punch, Boteco Brazilian appetizers, Green Chopsticks dumplings, Wahib's Middle Eastern delicacies | silk screen an original Alhambra tee or hoodie | 626 tunes | interactive storytelling booths | raffles (free if you have taken our survey) featuring Disneyland tickets, Gallery Nucleus gift cards, Roaster Family coffee, JayVee Dance classes | local food secrets revealedFeb. 23 at Gallery Nucleus, 210 E Main Street, 7 – 9pmWe ask a $5 donation at the door, but appreciate whatever you can give. And if you have a service or gift to add to the raffle, we will gladly (and gratefully) add you to our growing list of supporters.

Please RSVP on our FB invite or let us know below if you can come, and how many people you will be bringing with you.

See you all there!-The Alhambra Sourcerers

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13 thoughts on “The 'Know Your Source' Party!”

  1. Super excited to see such a community ever going on in Alhambra!! Me + 2 thanks!

  2. Good luck tonight AS! Have fun…wish I could be there. 

  3. I think this is awesome event to increase awareness of all the awesome stuff Alhambra has to offer. Unfortunately, so many of my friends just think of senior citizen homes and car lot dealerships when I mention where I live. I plan on telling everyone I know about this so my friends stop thinking i’m crazy when I say “let’s just hang out on Main Street”. I can’t Rsvp on facebook (no account) but i’ll definitely be there with 2 others.

  4. Can’t make it to the “Know Your Source Party.” Would love to attend by I have a previous commitment. Thanks for all you do – definitely keeps us informed.

    Btw, regarding that article on “Alhambra man tries to trademark Linsanity” – good luck to him. Apparently he has never filed for a trademark. You have to present evidence you’ve been using “Linsanity” longer than the next guy – such as in a publication, website, advertising, etc. With that “evidence”, the trademark office may consider the application. But his intent makes for good copy for you, I suppose.

  5. How much are raffle tickets?

    1. Raffle tickets are free, as long as you've taken our survey. We'll have computers set up at the event if you want to take it there. 

  6. Are the Raffle tickets free for the 2/23rd Party? Or is there a charge?

  7. Look forward to seeing everyone. Can’t wait to taste all the good food.

  8. Save the Family Roaster Gift card for me!!! You KNOW, I’m going to use that one!!!! Hahahahhaaa!!!

  9. Haha! “Sourcerers.”

    Can you do some magic and make our city greener, prettier, and less corrupt?

  10. My staff and I would love to make this and meet your fabulous staff.

    Looking forward to meeting the Source’s staff.

    Alhambra Teachers Association
    Roz Collier, President

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