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The dumpling fight that ended in the San Gabriel mayor's arrest


New Taste Dumpling House

301 West Valley
San Gabriel , CA United States

Bao Gang Li, the owner of New Taste Dumpling House, was surprised at the attention his restaurant was getting during lunchtime. Most of his business comes later in the day — at around midnight.

But the night before his dumpling house was more hectic than he would have liked. At around 1:00 am Friday, a fight broke out, he said, between a man and his female companion. Only later would Li find out that man was the mayor of San Gabriel.

Bao Gang LiReporters from Chinese and English-language press, neighbors, and passersby, filled the restaurant asking for details about what happened that landed the mayor in custody and charged with assault and battery.

Li patiently responded to inquiries about the night's events, retrieving a xiao long bao steamer from the kitchen and reenacting the scene in which the 33-year-old woman allegedly struck Mayor Huang with the container. "My waiter said he saw the woman pick up the steamer container and hit the man with it," Li said, with a slight smirk. Li motions that all the pork soup dumplings then scattered on the floor. The listening waitress laughed, and the cook peeked his head out from the kitchen to see what the commotion was about. 

Located on 301 W. Valley in San Gabriel.Apparently, the mayor did not take lightly to having xiao long bao thrown at him. According to the police report, he then snatched his companion's purse, ran out the door, and then ended up dragging her down the street. When Li heard that the mayor had been released on $100,000 bail, he appeared more surprised about the amount of money paid then that he was freed. Then he asked if Huang could remain mayor.

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2 thoughts on “The dumpling fight that ended in the San Gabriel mayor's arrest”

  1. I say they should both be thrown in jail on assault charges.

    1. I have to agree with you Eddy. Both parties were just as guilty.

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