The 10 worst intersections in Alhambra (and one dangerous plaza)

We asked readers a few weeks ago where the worst intersections in Alhambra were located. In a landslide victory, 53 of the 85 votes we received were for Fremont & Valley. In second place was Garfield & Valley with 11 votes, and tied for third were Garfield & Main, Atlantic & Valley, Main & Huntington, and Fremont & I-710, with 4 votes each. 

Residents' choices were spot on with Alhambra Police Department data. After going through reports of traffic accidents and hit-and-runs from the past year, we determined that the most dangerous intersections in Alhambra are in fact Fremont & Valley and Garfield & Valley, with 36 total incidents each.

Here are the top 10 worst intersections in Alhambra in terms of reported car accidents and hit-and-runs between September 2011 and August 2012:

  1. Fremont & Valley (36)
  2. Garfield & Valley (36)
  3. Atlantic & Valley (34)
  4. New & Valley (24)
  5. Garfield & Mission (24)
  6. Garfield & Main (24)
  7. Fremont & Mission (20)
  8. Atlantic & Hellman (20)
  9. Almansor & Valley (18)
  10. Chapel & Mission (16)

While it's not an intersection, we do have one more location that deserves an honorable mention. Costco Plaza, located at 2207 West Commonwealth Avenue, is among the most dangerous places to drive, with a whopping total of 33 accidents and hit-and-runs reported in the past year. Shoppers beware!

Below is a heat map to show the concentration of reported traffic accidents and hit-and-runs between September 2011 and August 2012, according to data from the Alhambra Police Department. The darker green areas denote a higher rate of incidents occuring in that location. We've also included an interactive map with each of those separate incidents.

Heat map of accidents and hit-and-runs (September 2011-August 2012):

Map of accidents (white icons) and hit-and-runs (red icons) from the last year. Click on an icon for more details:

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  1. the accident at Sierra Vista and Norwood was a hit and run! It was my girlfriend who got hit while riding her bike and we never found the driver.

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