The 10 most-viewed Alhambra Source stories in November

In case you missed them, here are the top 10 most-viewed stories in November:

1. ‘I thought that people were beyond that’: Alhambrans react to alleged hate crime against African American familyThe perpetrator remains unknown as Alhambra residents try and make sense of an Oct. 21 apparent hate crime against an African American family.

2. All aboard the Sierra Pacific, departing from AlhambraHidden in an industrial building on Alhambra Road is a rich miniature world filled with ice-capped peaks, lush valleys — and one of the largest model railroads in the country.

3. Dorothy Banbury and her oak tree, Alhambrans for generationsLongtime Alhambra resident Dorothy Banbury took care of her 250-year-old oak tree, likely the biggest one in the city, until her death in November.

4. Blockheads snow cream hits Main Street in NovemberShaved ice shop Blockheads Shavery will be opening on Main Street in November.

5. Where in Alhambra is this dark room of doors?Can you guess where in Alhambra this photo was taken?

6. Alhambra mayor on e-cigarettes: 'We just want to make everyone safer'Councilman Steven Placido said Council took a "proactive approach" when banning e-cigarettes in public spaces in the city.

7. Alhambra says goodbye to Paul Merchain, barber to generationsVIDEO: Paul Merchain, an Alhambra barber for more than 50 years, passed away on July 1. A new generation of barbers shares what he meant to them, and the impact of the Alhambra Source story.

8. Do you think Alhambra City Council should restrict the use of e-cigarettes?Alhambra City Council prohibited the use of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, in public places and work spaces in Alhambra. Do you agree with the council members' decision?

9. Sharing common ground: Community and home gardening in AlhambraWe spoke to Alhambra gardeners who say their home and community gardens promote neighborhood communication and foster a sense of common ground.

10. Painting the lion's eye at Monterey Park Farmers MarketAlhambra Source's senior editor Daniela Gerson was honored to ceremonially paint the eyes of the lions for the Mark Keppel High School dance group.

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Editor's Note: This list excludes stories published in previous months.

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