Taiwanese presidential campaigning in Alhambra

The next Taiwanese presidential election is not until 2012, but campaigning is already underway in Alhambra. On January 14, 2012, Ying-jeou Ma and Ing-wen Tsai will run against each other, representing the long-term rivalry of the Kuomintang and the Democratic Progressive Party respectively. Many residents of Alhambra are of Taiwanese heritage and attach great importance to this election.

According to Sing Tao Daily (星岛日报) and World Journal (世界日报), two existing divisions of the Kuomintang Party in the United States announced  last Friday in Alhambra that they were joining forces and establishing a local organization to support Ma's candidacy. (馬吳後援會聯合服務中心).

Address: 549 E. Garvey Ave. Monterey Park, CA 91755

Telephone: 626-571-2388, 626-300-8561,626-280-3863.

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