Suspicious package closes down Valley *Updated

*Updated 7/13/2012

World Journal reports the suspicious package that caused Valley Boulevard to be closed down on Thursday was located in front of Popeye’s. The police arrived at around 10 am and closed down Valley Boulevard. Between 11:55 am and 12:05 pm, the police detonated the package twice. No injury occurred, and the traffic recovered around 12:35 pm. No details about the package or suspect were released. The police reminded Alhambra residents to be cautious about suspicious package and report to the police as soon as they see one.

*Originally reported 7/12/2012

A report of a suspicious package left at a bus stop closed down Valley Bouelvard around Atlantic Boulevard on Wednesday morning. Alhambra Police Department Officer Mark Vega said that the investigation began after an unattended suitcase or backpack was reported.

2 thoughts on “Suspicious package closes down Valley *Updated”

  1. Elizabeth Hsing-Huei Chou

    There goes your supply of fish oils for the next six months.

  2. It’s probably just some Chinese tourist who forgot an extra suit case full of fish oils.

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