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Suspect in kitty litter murder case found guilty

After less than two days of discussion, an Alhambra Supreme Court jury reached a unanimous decision to convict Isaac Campbell for the 2007 murder of his girlfriend Liya Lu, China Press reports. 

A friend of Campbell's who lived in Arcadia first found Lu’s mummified body covered with kitty litter in a trash can in the back of his home. The defense insisted that Campbell only discovered Lu’s death and failed to handle the situation properly in a state of fear. Since Lu’s body had severely decayed and been deformed, the coroner was unable to determine Lu’s cause of death. Police arrested Campbell in Minnesota a month later, though his first trial in 2011 led to a mistrial after jurors failed to reach a conclusion. Since then, prosecutors brought in a neighbor as a new witness, who claims to have heard arguing and a loud noise followed by silence coming from Campell's apartment.

Campbell had been in custody for more than five years since his arrest. In addition to murder charges, he was also convicted for marijuana possession. He will receive his sentence in July.

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