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Where Alhambra Shops – Cali Mart


1000 E Valley Blvd.
Alhambra , CA United States

Alhambra is a unique crossroads of cultures and taste buds, presenting myriad products. In the coming months we intend to profile markets, bodegas, superstores and everything in between that fill this city.

Cali Mart (加州超市), which opened November 2010, is an Asian market with an emphasis on fresh produce, spices, and a seafood section so lively you could stick your hand into a bin of moving crabs or snapping turtles. Previously a Lucky’s supermarket, Cali Mart is the type of market where American brands are the minority. The shelves are stacked with juxtapositions: a container of Yoplait yogurt next to a packet of dried shrimp, dried bamboo shoots next to bananas and oranges. There are aisles of sweet and bitter juices, cans of wax gourd drink and Wang Wang milk drink. Large purchases get you a free bag of rice — who can ask for more in this economy?

Cali Mart (加州超市), 1000 E Valley Blvd. (626) 284-8819

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6 thoughts on “Where Alhambra Shops – Cali Mart”

  1. Nathan, Nate, hey, great photos! I like the shots of the bamboo shoots and the red shopping carts. My favorite is the milk drink pic, nice colors and I like the perspective/angle.

    1. Very much appreciated.

  2. Nathan…thanks…been wondering what that market was all about. The last shot is of soft shell turtles, mostly freshwater. Sea turtles would probably be really illegal methinks, but that doesn’t stop Chinese people! In fact, if that’s what the sign said in English, maybe it’s good marketing to appeal to eating exotic, endangered species!

    1. Yikes – that’s entirely my fault. Thanks for the heads up on that. I asked the manager if they had turtles and I think he said, “See, turtles” as he was pointing to them.

      Will correct that.

    1. thanks batman. you’re not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need.