Where Alhambra sends its mail

We visted the U.S. Post Office on Bay State and First streets to talk to Alhambrans about where they send their mail. With packages going out to Missouri, South Carolina, and Georgia, residents stopped to tell us what they were sending and where it was going. Check out the slideshow and map below!

One Alhambra resident, Sparkle Marie, makes clothes and sells them on Instagram. She was at the post office making her weekly shipment. Karina M., who lives in El Sereno, visits the Alhambra post office often. She also sells clothes online, and sent a package to Atlanta, Ga. Karina also shipped packages to Wisconsin, Texas, Northern California, Virginia, and Illinois not long before our visit.

Another resident, who was sending a bowl and t-shirt to a friend who had forgotten them on an off-roading trip, visits the post office often. She sent a package to Australia one week before.

“I use this post office all the time," she said. "It's the only one in town.”

Check out the photos below and stay tuned for a photo and history tour of the Alhambra post office!

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