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What to do if there is a natural disaster? 如果遇上自然災害你應該怎麼做?Qué hacer en caso de desastre?

The recent natural disasters in Japan underscore the need to be prepared in the case of an emergency, especially in earthquake-prone Southern California. The Alhambra Community Emergency Response Team Association, in conjunction with the Alhambra Source, are creating trilingual signs that will indicate the status of residents in the aftermath of a major disaster. These signs will help CERT members identify community members that need help in order to maximize resources and cut emergency response time.

最近在日本發生的災難體現出了在危機狀況下有所準備的重要性。住在南加州地震帶的居民們尤其需要警惕。阿罕布拉社區緊急救援組織(Alhambra Community Emergency Response Team Association)和阿罕布拉新聞(Alhambra Source)正在合作設計一種三種語言的標記,居民可在自然災害發生後用次標記表示他們的狀況。這種標記可以幫助緊急救援人員找到需要幫助的居民,更有效地利用資源,並且縮短等待救援的時間。

Los recientes desastres naturales en Japón demuestran la necesidad de estar preparados para una emergencia, especialmente en la zona del sur de California, propensa a los terremotos. Alhambra Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), un grupo ciudadano de respuesta contra emergencias, y Alhambra Source están elaborando señales en tres idiomas que indicarán el estado de los residentes inmediatamente después de una catástrofe. Estos señales ayudarán a los miembros de CERT a identificar qué miembros de la comunidad necesitan ayuda, maximizando los recursos y reduciendo el tiempo de respuesta.


One side says "OK" and the other side says "HELP." Instructions are in Chinese, English, and Spanish. The finished signs are still not complete, but residents in the meantime can print out the images below or download the attached pdfs, to keep ready in case there is a natural disaster.


Un lado de la señal indicará "OK" ["BIEN"] y el otro "AYUDA". Las instrucciones vendrán en chino, inglés y español. Las señales aún no están terminadas, pero los residentes pueden mientras tanto imprimir las imágenes de abajo para estar preparados en caso de que haya un desastre natural.

More information from CERT on how to prepare for a natural disaster, as well as training courses they offer with the local fire department, can be found here.

Display this side of the sign when help is needed.

Instructions on the sign are as follow:Disaster Preparedness

1. Use two band-aids to hang this sign so it is visible from the street (staple them to this sign beforehand).2. Tape this side to your FRONT DOOR if everyone in your household is okay and does not require any assistance.3. Tape the HELP sign to your FRONT DOOR if anyone requires assistance due to injury or a medical emergency.


1. 用膠帶把這張卡固定住,要從街上就可以看到它。(預先訂住或者膠住)。2. 如果所有在這個屋子裡的人安全無恙,不需要任何幫助, 請把這一面貼在您的前門上。3. 如果任何一個人受傷,需要醫療救助,請將'幫助'牌子貼在您的前門上。


1. Use dos curitas para colgar este anuncio donde sea visible desde la calle (adjúntalos a este letrero con grapa)2. Adhiera este lado a la puerta de entrada si todos en su hogar están bien y no requieren de ninguna asistencia.3. Adhiera el AYUDA anuncio a la puerta de entrada si alguien en su hogar requiere  de asistencia por alguna lesión o emergencia médica.

To learn more about ACA or want to participate in a training session, please visit: http://www.AlhambraCERT.org

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2 thoughts on “What to do if there is a natural disaster? 如果遇上自然災害你應該怎麼做?Qué hacer en caso de desastre?”

  1. I agree. Unfortunately there are plenty of criminals that will Tanner advantage of any situation, but FYI, as a CERT member pear know that we have an ID with our picture on it that identifies us. Also, as CERT members, our main duties in case of emergency is our immediate neighborhood, so there’s a good chance we will be recognized. But of course, in any situation, we need to be vigilant and help each other out to avoid being victimized.

  2. I know these are meant for good intentions, but adequate precautions need to be taken as something like this could open up people to a whole new wave of scams and home invasion burglaries by people pretending to be aid workers and taking advantage of those openly displaying the HELP sign.

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