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Valley Boulevard roadwork to take six months


Valley Boulevard and Freemont Avenue
Alhambra , CA United States

Commuters heading towards the busy intersection of Valley Boulevard and Fremont Avenue have undoubtedly noticed the orange cones dotting the road, the smell of fresh asphalt, and the flashing arrows pointing at the next available lane.

 What they're witnessing is the beginning of a six-month maintenance project on Valley Boulevard stretching from from Marengo Avenue to the 710 Freeway. Workers will focus on the median island, as well as general street improvements, the city website says. The federal government and the Metropolitan Transit Authority provided funding for the project, putting forth $1.4 million and $1.1 million, respectively. An additional $921,148 came from the city's Proposition C funds. The proposition was approved by voters in 1990 to use a half-cent sales tax to generate funds for improving transit services.

Photos by Albert Lu

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4 thoughts on “Valley Boulevard roadwork to take six months”

  1. I’m still not clear how the construction work will result in smoother traffic flow from the 710 terminus to Marengo, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. And avoid driving on that stretch of road.

  2. 6 months is not bad for this project. At least it’s not a mess like the Rosemead Blvd project in East Pasadena that has been going on for a year now, what a bunch of slackers there. http://www.pasadenastarnews.com/news/ci_17243977

  3. Welcome to construction impacts…for future improvements, better than the Alhambra Gateway Park

    Remember that $40+M Federal funds have been around for ten years for the 710 corridor towns. Pas used theirs up in three years; SoPas has used some and is getting more for FairOaks and ArroyoSeco interchange; ElSereno tried to use their $10M but various things (including Alhambra City) messed up a connector from 710 stub to Mission Road. Alhambra refused any money for ten years. Alhambra has avoided MTAs call-for-project funds and kept things inside the A.Redev.Authority…what are we waiting on???

    Hope they get the current mess done and then move to the 710Stub connector to Mission Road….

  4. Love the new sidewalks and the medians will look good too. But was there any consideration for alternative transportation use like bike lanes or at least sharrows? What does Alhambra have against better and safer access for those who want to ride their bikes?

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