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The most important issues in Alhambra’s City Council races

How 79 readers responded when ask about the most important issues in the Alhambra City Council elections.


Alhambra , CA United States

Since February, we’ve surveyed Alhambra Source readers about the most important issue to them in the upcoming City Council race. There are three City Council seats open in this year’s election, with candidates having until June 26 to hand in their nomination papers. Here are the results of our survey so far from 79 respondents. If you haven’t taken it yet, you still have a chance to do so below. Read on for what your fellow residents think as well.


Twenty-seven or 34.18 percent of respondents chose housing as the most important issue in Alhambra. Most cited the lack of affordability, especially rent increases as a problem. Some respondents noted the increase in luxury housing developments and wanted the City of Alhambra to prioritize the construction of affordable housing. Three respondents called specifically for rent control.


A second largest group of our survey-takers designated crime as the most important issues in the Alhambra City Council race, with 19 or 24.05 percent respondents. Many respondents cited theft and burglary as their main concerns when it comes to crime in Alhambra. One respondent pointed to state ballot measures lowering penalties for crimes such as burglary, theft and drug offenses as the culprit.


Traffic congestion on residential streets is the most important problem in Alhambra, according to 15 or almost 19 percent of respondents. One survey respondent shared an example of how he’s on call for emergencies at Huntington Hospital, where he’s a cardiac nurse. Traveling during rush hour during an emergency is difficult with the amount of traffic on the roads.

The decision not to finish the 710 freeway, which ends on Fremont Avenue, is an important factor in why traffic is so bad in Alhambra. Respondents also wanted alternative transportation methods, including the construction of bicycle lanes to reduce traffic on residential streets. A couple of respondents also blamed large developments for increasing congestion.

Some respondents also mentioned traffic safety as a big issue, arguing that instituting bike lanes and enforcing pedestrian safety laws would make the roads safer for all residents.


Of the 16 or 20.25 percent of respondents who cited “other” as the most important issue in this City Council race, three cited campaign finance reform. In terms of campaign finance reform, multiple respondents mentioned donor limits on campaign donations as the best way to decrease the influence of developers in city elections. Other respondents echoed support for bike lanes or asked for more of a priority placed on expanding green space and protecting the environment. One respondent specifically mentioned helping the homeless as an important issue. Two respondents asked Alhambra to tackle retail vacancies in the city, with one respondent writing that officials should pay more attention to attracting businesses that can succeed in the long run in Alhambra.

What’s the most important issue in the Alhambra City Council races? We’ll keep monitoring responses. Take the survey below if you haven’t yet!

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