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The "626" viral video sensation

Let me tell you about a place out east
Just Fifteen minutes from the LA streets
Hollywood doesn't even know we exist
Like it's a mystical land, filled with immigrants

Scenes from the video captured in an article in ChineseDaily.com So goes "626," Andrew and David Fung's ode to being young and Chinese American in the West San Gabriel Valley, which they nickname "Bobaland." The brothers, along with their collaborator Jason Chen, are getting their YouTube moment of viral fame: In 10 days more than 150,000 people clicked on their tribute to the foods and flavors of the Alhambra area with fans from City Council members to long ago residents.

“I used to lived in Alhambra 15 yrs (sic) ago, I cried when I saw this video, miss the food in 626 so bad!” one viewer commented.

"626" opens with a scene of a little girl playing notes from "Young, Wild and Free” by Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa on the piano. Her two "elderly" uncles then wander in and begin to reminisce about their days of going for tea and frozen yogurt with friends, and they bring to the song a whole new set of lyrics that tells their story of growing up in the SGV.

So what we hang out?
So what we drink tea?
We juss eating good
In the SGV
So what we eat late?
That's how its spose' to be
6-2-6 young wild en free

The Fung Brothers and a festive entourage including the dance team from Mark Keppel take us on a thorough tour of some of the SGV’s favorite hang out spots for local teens, including Alhambra’s Cha for Tea and Noodle World.

"You know you're 626 when you've been to EVERY place they showed in the video,” wrote one commenter, gaining more than 50 up votes. 

As for the Fung Brothers, their videos cover current topics relevant to Asian youth and culture, with their latest videos being about “Linsanity” movement, which have collectively garnered nearly 1 million views in the last two weeks.

But we like "626" the best. Some of our favorite lyrics from the video: 

The foods authentic, the price is perfect
Where restaurants focus on the taste not service
Be ready to share cuz it's family style
Time with the fam, makes granny proud!


We're far enough from LA where nobodys actin phony!
Except maybe on our taxes, it's cash only!
Tell the health department stop hating
 cuz a B-rating stands for better tasting
Where kids drink more milk tea than liquor
And they roast more duck than Swishers
The Six two six, man check the address
Home of Sriracha and Panda Express


From Shanghai to Saigon, Tokyo to TaiwanBeijing to Hong Kong something to bite onValley, Atlantic, Garvey, I drive on3 in the morning, cafes got their lights on

While the song plays, the Fung brothers and their friends devour numerous dishes typical of the 626 — such as hot pot meals, huge orders of dim sum, and of course, boba drinks.

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3 thoughts on “The "626" viral video sensation”

  1. What does 626 mean?

    1. 626 is the area code of the San Gabriel Valley as well as many other surrounding cities. 626 represent!

  2. So Asians can play ball AND rap humorously. Sports and pop culture has done in a few weeks what a bevy of doctorates, law degrees, medical doctors and engineers haven't been able to do in gaining mainstream popularity! 😛

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