Thanksgiving turkey with tamales? Sticky rice and potstickers on the side?

Members of the Alhambra Source's youth journalism program interviewed their mothers last year about celebrating Thanksgiving as immigrants. Do you remember your first Thanksgiving? Does your family eat mashed potatoes, turkey, and sweet potato pie — or do you have your own combinations? Share your recipes and traditions.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving turkey with tamales? Sticky rice and potstickers on the side?”

  1. One of the benefits of living in Alhambra and the San Gabriel Valley – the ability to give thanks in many languages and the melting together of old and new. Can’t wait to enjoy turkey, sticky rice and tamales as our family have for years. Yummy!

  2. The video came out very nicely! There is certainly a great blend of cultures and backgrounds that all contribute to the meaning of this holiday.

  3. Right on. Diversity adds more sound, sight and tastes to a tradition that would otherwise may become boring because of the same old same old.

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