Summer photo contest winner

Last month we asked Alhambra for its best summer images and we were plenty proud of the pictures we received. Some would-be photographers ran with the summer theme, while others showed us what they were doing in the month of June. We’ve narrowed down the entries to a select few to show what we think makes an ideal summer in Alhambra.

Three. | By Javier Gutierrez

Things we thought we would see: Boba, shaved ice, pool parties, babies with balloons, veggies, and maybe a few lemonade stands? Instead we received dogs in the sun, women strolling down Main Street and flowers in bloom. Our favorite, and the winner of the summer photo challenge, comes from Raul H. with a torn page lying on a green lawn.

When Raul H. passed a dirty lawn he did not give it much thought. He snapped a shot and didn't bother to edit his photo until a few months later.

iWater. | By Nasrin Aboulhosn"I began to wonder about this picture. The story behind the torn books. An overstressed student? A child at play?," says Raul H. "It seems so serene and almost comforting looking at it now. Back then it was a mess in someone's yard."

One challenge is done, but another is coming that will be announced later this week.

Did you have another favorite? Too artsy? Not summer enough for you? Tell us in the comments section.

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