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Simply Complex Machines Training Club teaches the fundamentals of weightlifting

Simple Complex Machines Training Club lets people learn the fundamentals of weightlifting and enjoy a private workout. Photo by Virginia Situ.


Simply Complex Machines Training Club

2655 Merced Ave
El Monte , CA 91733 United States

The oddly named Simply Complex Machines Training Club recently opened in El Monte by Alhambra resident Nathan Flores. Flores had been helping clients in corporate fitness centers such as LA Fitness and Planet Fitness since February, but never found the right time and place to start a gym of his own until now.

Flores, 25, knew he wanted to open his own gym when he started to lift weights, but it took time and connections to make it happen. A manager who had previously hired him at the Boiling Crab is a real estate agent with contacts on vacant buildings. Offered a building not far from his home, Flores accepted it almost immediately.

Wanting to give his clients more privacy to work on their bodies is a big part of Flores’ decision to open the gym. Flores called it a circuit gym. Although a weightlifter, Flores said his gym emphasizes building all parts of the body. But Flores had another motive too– being able to workout whenever he wanted.

Flores got the gym partially equipped but added some of his own equipment such as weights.

Most of Flores’ clients from previous gyms were new to lifting and he wanted them to have the privacy that they might want.

In opening his own gym, Flores said that as he started to gain more lifting experience, he realized that he could teach others how to lift. While Flores may be inspired by his own lifting experience, Simply Complex Machines Training Club is not a CrossFit gym. Flores said the most important part of his gym is the fundamentals that some people may miss when lifting on their own.

“A lot of the trainers miss the fundamentals, and sometimes it puts pressure on the client that is not ready to lift in front of people,” he said. “It could be embarrassing for some people so I want to provide the privacy for them and be in the (same gym) every time. I have a maximum of 5 people (in the gym) at a time, and if (members) want to lift while we’re open, they can come in.”

Flores is planning some marathons and other events in the fall to promote fitness — and his gym. He also said he wants to start working with charity organizations.

For more information, contact Nathan Flores at the Simply Complex Machines Training Club, 2655 Merced Ave. El Monte, CA, 91733; email him at Coaching@SimplyComplexMachines.com; or call him at 626-262-7849.

Virginia Situ is an Alhambra Source intern and a senior at San Gabriel High School.

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