Sights to behold – What does your Alhambra look like?

On a clear day in Alhambra, the mountains peek over the building tops. On a very clear day, just as the clouds roll over head like white dirigibles, the sun plays games with the city and it’s a great opportunity to take some landscape photos. From the very top of the parking structure at the Edwards Atlantic Theater (which I recently reported will be demolished this summer) I took a few photos while the cloud shadows crawled across the city, the mountains and the people.

As the city moves and expands, there are only so many images that the Source can get. We would like to see your own photos – photos that chronicle the changing landscape, the shift on Main Street, or anything that has to do with the nature of your neighborhood.

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4 thoughts on “Sights to behold – What does your Alhambra look like?”

  1. Great pictures, Nathan!

    1. Thanks, Nasrin. In a hundred years people will laugh at photos that illustrate the simplicity of Alhambra.

      1. Ironic that in more picturesque cities (with much higher property values I might add), “simplicity” is what is desirable.

  2. Amazing views! Another great view (that I will need to get a picture of soon) is from the 3rd floor of the D building at Alhambra High. Its similar to this, but equally beautiful on a clear day.

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