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Showdown over Almansor Park lawn bowling court at Alhambra City Council

Photo courtesy of Alhambra Bowls Club.


Alhambra , CA United States

Members of Alhambra’s lawn bowling club planned to protest at tonight’s city council meeting over city claims that it does not have enough funding to repair one of the club’s lawn bowling courts.

The Alhambra Bowls Club first made headlines for its spirited protest against a city project to build a parking structure at Almansor Park that would have meant the demolition of its lawn bowling courts. The City then decided to put federal funds toward a variety of park repairs, including a lawn bowling court that needed to be resurfaced.

Some of these funds were originally supposed to go toward lawn bowling court repairs. However, a city staff report said that lawn bowling was ineligible for this funding since most of the club’s members lived outside Alhambra. The City had set aside $200,000 of general fund money to resurface the court with artificial turf, but had since found out that the actual cost for the repairs would be much higher, at around $500,000.

The City of Alhambra asked council members to postpone repairing the court until more funding becomes available, or to identify other park improvement projects that the $200,000 could go toward.

The City of Alhambra built the lawn bowling greens in the 1980s with state bond money that required them to maintain the greens in perpetuity, said Alhambra Bowls Club Vice President Sean McMorris in an email to the Alhambra Source. Yet the city allowed the greens to fall into disrepair, and were now backing out of their promise to repair the greens, after the club had sold all of its maintenance equipment.

Alhambra City Councilmember Jeff Maloney said that he was supportive of lawn bowling at Almansor Park, but found it hard to justify spending almost $500,000 of city money on a project that would benefit so few Alhambra residents.

See the full City Council agenda and staff reports below. Please note that the Camellia Court development vote was postponed again.

Alhambra City Council agenda August 14, 2017 by Phoenix Tso on Scribd

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