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Residents disappointed by lack of detail at general plan update meeting

Alhambra residents at the general plan update workshop. Photo by Phoenix Tso.


Alhambra , CA United States

A significant number of Alhambra residents expressed disappointment with the lack of detail that the city was revealing about the new general plan at a public meeting yesterday.

Among the criticisms offered was that the workshop put forth ideas like increasing activity on Valley Boulevard with little idea of how the city intended to implement such an initiative. This would make it hard for people to comment on whether it was a good idea or not, they said.

Alhambra will have the final draft of the city’s general plan update by June 30th, said Joe Power, a consultant hired to update the plan. He also invited people to write down what they wanted to see in the final draft on posters set up around the room.

Several residents requested another community meeting after the draft plan comes out.

They also shared a timeline for the rest of the general plan process, setting January 2018 as a target for when the planning commission and city council vote on the document. In the next several months, the city would draft and share an environmental impact report for the new plan. June 30th also marks the end of a 30-day public comment period on the Draft EIR.

A general plan is supposed to govern long-term development in a city. Alhambra’s general plan was last updated in 1987.

Topics residents brought up include how much rezoning would occur in the general plan update, and the fact that a L.A. County parks study called Alhambra park poor. The plan consultants offered mockups of various ideas, including a proposal to build a park above the railroad tracks on Mission Road and to adopt Alhambra’s unimplemented bike plan with some changes.

Consultants also alluded to priorities like historic preservation, while residents asked them to address affordable housing, housing density, public transportation options, water supply and green space.

A group of skateboarders asked the planners to consider a skate park. “It’s like a getaway. It releases so much,” said Efren Galvez, 30, who grew up skateboarding in Alhambra. Yet despite the positive outlet it provides, skaters in Alhambra face a lot of harassment because they have nowhere to practice, he said.

For more information, check out Alhambra’s dedicated general plan update page.

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1 thought on “Residents disappointed by lack of detail at general plan update meeting”

  1. Michael Lawrence

    Holding a workshop based on nebulous charts, diagrams and conceptual drawings with no draft of the new General Plan is all show and no go. How can the residents ask questions about the general plan update without reading it? The consultant said we would have an opportunity ask questions in writing after the draft is released later in the month. That is putting the cart ahead of the horse and does not offer the transparency we were promised in the recent elections and by our city manager. The general plan is a complicated document that deserves a workshop to educate the public on how this will affect our future growth and quality of life in the future.

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