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READER POLL: Alhambra not included as a Metro Gold Line stop in LA County's major rail and freeway improvement plan

Los Angeles County residents will vote in November on a measure that would increase sales tax by a half cent. The plan would raise $860 million to improve rail and freeway infrastructure, including the extension of the Gold Line to Claremont in the San Gabriel Valley. The current line runs from Azusa to Union Station. 

Although the Gold Line does not pass through Alhambra, the city has a proposal to connect Alhambra residents to the South Pasadena station through an ACT shuttle bus service with a 25-cent fare. Presented at the Sept. 12 Alhambra City Council meeting, the proposed shuttle would run on a similar route to the existing Blue Line with the exception of stopping in South Pasadena on Mission Street and Meridian Avenue.

The Los Angeles County Traffic Improvement Plan, called Measure M, would also provide about $1.2 million to the city of Alhambra for “street improvements, pothole repair, signals, etc,” through Local Return funding during the first full year of implementation, according to Metro’s SGV factsheet.

Construction will begin on a mega project in every sub-region of LA County within the first 15 years, the SGV Tribune reported. A plan for a tunnel to connect the I-710 from Alhambra to Pasadena was not included in the measure. 

The measure will create 465,900 jobs and ease traffic congestion, the SGV Tribune reported.

South Bay cities, who cited confusing wording on the ballot as a reason to oppose the sales tax measure, had their petition rejected by a judge early September, the LA Daily News reported.

The Bus Riders Union, also opposed to Measure M, felt that the measure would focus on the rail system instead of the bus lines, leaving bus riders “waiting longer at bus stops for less frequent service,” the SGV Tribune reported.

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(Photo above by Metro Library and Archive is licensed under CC BY 2.0)

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6 thoughts on “READER POLL: Alhambra not included as a Metro Gold Line stop in LA County's major rail and freeway improvement plan”

  1. Disappointed this could not happen (link to South Pasadena Gold Line Station). I do not own a car and use the rail lines in L.A. County a lot. To board a Gold Line Train at the South Pasadena Gold Line Station I have to take two different buses, one will drop me off at the corner of Mission/Fair Oaks and I have to walk several blocks to the Gold Line Station. We need some type of link from Alhambra to South Pasadena to board the Gold Line.

  2. When is Alhambra going to wake up and realize that their road congestion can be a tax cash cow for the city? Road pricing is the future of transportation funding and the technology to support it is already available in new cars. A city like Alhambra is very well positioned to become a powerful city due to this tax gold mine. The leaders need to stop focusing on sales taxes and start learning about the enormous benefits that road fees will bring to the residents of the city.

  3. Per http://theplan.metro.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/factsheet_measurem.pdf, Measure M asks “shall voters authorize a Los Angeles County Traffic Improvement Plan through a ½ ¢ sales tax and continue the existing ½ ¢ traffic relief tax until voters decide to end it”? So there is a one-cent tax combined. And I don’t know what “until voters decide to end it” means. We need another measure to end these tax increases? Otherwise the increase is perpetual, long after the train stations are completed?

  4. Good article. I did not know about this. The questions is, did Alhambra lobby for a Gold Line stop to be included in the LA County Traffic Improvement Plan or not? Did they oppose it? Or did they have no say one way or the other? It would be interesting to know.

    1. Yes I agree; did Alhambra make efforts to be included in a Gold Line extension, or some type of transportation at least to the South Pasadena Gold Line Station?

    2. The only efforts the Alhambra Council has made in the realm of regional transportation is to build their big tunnel! ZERO real advocates for improved public transit among the Alhambra Council. Hopefully the new council members will let the pipe dream go and focus on improving mobility options for everyone.

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