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Read the City of Alhambra’s current general plan

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Alhambra , CA United States

The City of Alhambra is holding a meeting to inform the community about an update to the general plan. The meeting will take place next Wednesday, June 14 from 7-9 pm at Alhambra’s Civic Center Library.

A general plan provides a general framework of how urban planning works in a city like Alhambra. It lays out guidelines for development projects like the the Lowe’s superstore that is under construction on South Fremont Avenue.

This is the city’s third community meeting about this process, with the last public update happening in January. Residents can read documents pertaining to the update at Alhambra’s Development Services webpage. Interim Director of Development Services Vanessa Reynoso said that a final draft of the new general plan would be made available as soon as possible. As a preview to the meeting, she cited preservation of historic buildings as a new and significant concern that the city would address on June 14.

The city’s current general plan was updated in 1987. Residents can read a scanned copy of this general plan below.

General Plan for City of Alhambra by Anonymous 56qRCzJR on Scribd

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1 thought on “Read the City of Alhambra’s current general plan”

  1. Thanks for posting the city’s current General Plan. I don’t know why City Hall will not post a copy of it on the city’s website. I hope the city’s draft update of the General Plan addresses the city’s lack of park green space. I also hope that the updated GP does not sacrifice livability to over-development.

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