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Photo Challenge week three: bikes and sun

The heat is beating down on Southern California, but the Alhambra Source photo challenge perseveres. Chris Carnaghi sends us an image from his iPhone of a sunset through a frond of palm leaves, while Christen Lee and Timmy Truong show different interpretations of bicycling in Alhambra. And with any summer photo, the sun factors into these shots like a secret character, a lens flare here, an orange sunset there.

How it works:  Every week for the remainder of the summer we are featuring a series of images. You can vote on them on Facebook and on the site for the week following the photos posting. In early September we will feature the images that got the top votes and our judges will decide upon a grand-prize winner.

What does the winner get? In addition to the immeasurable satisfaction of winning an Alhambra Source photo challenge, winners will receive a gift certificate to Gallery Nucleus, an Alhambra Source t-shirt, and their photos will be displayed in an area exhibition (location still TBD).Leisure Time in Alhambra: Which is your favorite?

You want to enter the contest? Great! Send your best image for what "Leisure Time" Alhambra style means to editor@alhambrasource.org. 


    • No limit on entries, as long as they are of different subjects.
    • Instagram images should be tagged with #alhambrasource. Don’t worry, we’ll find them.
    • Deadline is rolling, with the last entries accepted September 3, 2012. 

    Send your photos to editor@alhambrasource.org And good luck!

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