On day of pink slips, Alhambra teachers protest cuts

As parents dropped off their kids Tuesday morning, they were greeted with teachers hoisting signs saying "Our students deserve better," and demanding an end to state education cuts.

California’s deadline for school districts to issue preliminary layoff notices to employees was March 15. Alhambra was not spared: Three adult education teachers received notice their contacts may not be extended into the 2011-2012 school year.

Members of the Alhambra Teachers Association, dressed in bright red as a sign of solidarity for their colleagues across the state, passed Romona Elementary Student, Iliana Mangasout flyers and leaflets outside of Alhambra High School Tuesday morning to inform parents about the current economic crisis and how it’s affecting the city’s schools. They also urged them to support Governor Brown’s proposed balanced state budget, which acknowledges that K through 12th grade education has taken a "disproportionate" amount of cuts over the past three years.

Among the teachers was Jose Sanchez, a history teacher at Alhambra High School and member of the ATA. “When I see potential budget cuts in the coming years, I know that it’s going to affect our community and the education of our students,” Sanchez said. “We need to be proactive and support the governor’s proposed budget plan that prevents future cuts. If we don’t, we’re going to see losses in a lot of programs, especially the arts and music.”

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