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Ohana Brewing Company provides West Coast craft beer with Hawaiian influences

For Andrew Luthi, interest in craft brewing runs in the family. His father was a home brewer, and when Luthi himself decided to get into the business, it was because of the camaraderie among the craft breweries in the Los Angeles area.

“The more craft beer, the better the industry gets,” Luthi says, describing the community’s philosophy. The name of his brewery, Ohana, means family in Hawaiian.

Four years ago, Luthi bought some used brewing equipment and was able to set up a brewery in Los Angeles, from which Ohana Brewing Company began providing beer to establishments throughout L.A. and Orange County. Two-and-a-half years ago, Ohana opened its first tap room on First Street in Alhambra, where visitors can enjoy taster-sized pours for $2-$3 and get their growlers filled for $12-$16.

Ohana’s beers are all a hybrid of West Coast and tropical influences. Their Saison Kau Wela and Ohana Pacific Ale are available almost all-year-round, while they’re currently experimenting with a seasonal lychee green tea IPA, a honey dew sencha IPA and a guava IPA. Next week, the tap room will start selling a cucumber saison as well.

“When we do variations, we try to be a little creative, kind of influenced by Hawaiian Culture, we tried to do a coconut one, tried to play around with a few passion fruits,” Luthi says. “We try to just have something that’s balanced, drinkable, and then not too hoppy or too sweet.” People who are looking for this balance or want to try something new should go to Ohana Brewing Company.

Ohana Brewing Company
7 S 1st Street
(626) 282-2337
Open every day, 4-9 PM

1 thought on “Ohana Brewing Company provides West Coast craft beer with Hawaiian influences”

  1. Very good beer/blends. I have multiple growlers and the ambiance/staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. I only wish I could stay for a pint. Unfortunately it’s only a tasting room but I’d rather have one of their brews than put up with the commercialism of 38 degrees just next door.

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