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Night riding the 626

After the sun sets and the kitchen is closed, a small Mexican restaurant in Alhambra’s industrial neighborhood transforms into a Mecca for riders. Some come from as far as the San Fernando Valley to join scores of riders who cruise through the night every Tuesday.

On a late July evening, Robert Castillo, an Alhambra resident and local DJ was in charge of assigning a course. He decided on a 20-mile loop through Highland Park to Silver Lake and back to Alhambra. Since the beginning of the year he has been in charge of the group, named 626 Ride.

It started organically, when Castilo noticed there were many bikers in the city, but no unified group bringing them together. El Tepeyac, where one of the riders is a chef, was designated a meeting place. For the late July ride, about 40 men and women ranging from teenagers to middle age, showed up. Last week, more than 100 riders said they were planning on attending.

626 Ride meets every Tuesday from 8:30 pm to midnight at El Tepeyac restaurant on 800 W. Palm Avenue, all are welcome.
More information can be found on the 626 Ride's Facebook page.

1 thought on “Night riding the 626”

  1. Interesting story. If you live in Alhambra and call it a night at say 8:30 p.m. you'd never know about the group. Also, it's good to know that the conversation for bike lanes is still being knocked around. Great video/article, Anthony, Efrain.

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