Movable speed limit signs to be installed near Alhambra schools

Public domain photo via flickr user Dan Keck.


Alhambra , CA United States

The Alhambra Police Department will install speed limit signs around Alhambra schools, promoting traffic safety for students in those locations.

Alhambra police partnered up with the Alhambra Educational Foundation to purchase four radar speed signs, said Chief Timothy Vu at Monday’s Alhambra City Council meeting. The portable, movable signs would inform public to slow down if their speeds are too high, and could be programmed to display other messages about traffic safety. The police planned to place them strategically in different parts of the city with a focus on school areas.

Alhambra Educational Foundation President Stephen Perry thanked the Alhambra Police Department for partnering with them on this initiative. “Our kids around our schools are our true champ, and we want to make sure that everybody that’s driving around our schools is obeying the signs and speed limit, and these movable, portable speeds signs will be able to do that,” he said.

Perry mentioned Alhambra’s nine elementary schools, as well as its parochial schools as prime locations for these signs, and to think about traffic safety in general.

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