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Meet Duplaix and Whiskers at the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society

  • Photo by San Gabriel Valley Humane Society.


San Gabriel Valley Humane Society

851 E. Grand Avenue
San Gabriel , CA 91776 United States
Phone: 626-286-1159

The San Gabriel Valley Humane Society and the Alhambra Source have partnered up to highlight two pets who are up for adoption. For more information, please read about Duplaix and Whiskers below and visit www.sgvhumane.org.

Name: Duplaix
ID: 30925
Gender: Male
Breed: Poodle Mix
Age: 10 years
Weight: 20 pounds
Fur: White

Duplaix is a sweet 10-year-old poodle mix that was found living on the streets. He is a medium sized boy, weighing close to 20 pounds. Duplaix is friendly, likes people and enjoys getting attention. He also has huge ears that have a big wingspan, giving him a great sense of hearing. This smart boy knows how to sit on command for treats. Duplaix is also quite a talker and almost seems able to verbalize words if we could only speak his language. He is also quite affectionate and in spite of his size; he loves to be on someone’s lap sharing the love. He seems new to socializing with other dogs, but he is very eager to meet them and is still learning how to play. Duplaix does like playing with toys, fetching them and chewing on them. He is excited to go for walks and has a medium energy level. Duplaix is a happy dog, just full of personality, and he deserves a loving home with someone interested in learning his language. He’d love to have a conversation with you – why don’t you come in to meet him soon? Duplaix also qualifies for our “Senior for Senior” discount program.

Name: Whiskers
ID: 29022
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Age: 1 ½ years old
Weight: 9 pounds
Fur: Black and White

Whiskers is a handsome young guy who is aptly named with dramatic white whiskers above his lips and eyes standing out against his glistening black fur. He wears his tuxedo with the confidence of a debonair leading man, charming his fans. Whiskers was found in an apartment building wearing a black leather collar with bandana attached. Unfortunately his owner didn’t come for him and the person who found him could not keep Whiskers because of allergies. He is an adventurous boy and still acts like a kitten. He is very playful and loves chasing strings and trying to catch flying feathery things. One of his favorite toys is a stuffed fish that he especially loves when marinated in catnip! Once Whisker has had enough play time, he enjoys being petted. He’s energetic and would do very well in a family with additional cats or no cats, as long as there is someone to play with him. Please stop by and meet this cute little fellow with the big charismatic personality. Whiskers and his other cat friends at the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society have a special adoption fee of $39 during the month of October.

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