Main Street, Alhambra on video

Alhambra recently took center stage in two videos. YouTube stars the Fung Bros featured in March Main Street and Valley Boulevard in their new video, "Garvey, Valley, Main, Huntington," rapping about the cultural differences between both streets, especially regarding food. "I need something non-Asian, I think I'm gonna hit up Main," they rap. "'Cuz this is America, sometimes I need a burger. Sometimes I wanna speak English to my server." 

Commentary on Valley starts at 1:29 in the video, and Main on 2:18.  

Honda also shot in Alhambra, using the parking lot of Super A — which closed on Feb. 3 — for a commercial. Many residents noticed the film crews in the parking lot on Feb. 27.

"It's the best location, it's an empty lot," a crew member told us. "It's easier for everyone."

2 thoughts on “Main Street, Alhambra on video”

  1. Imagine if city planners had had the vision or foresight to keep the old building facades and modernized or retrofitted the buildings, add awnings, sidewalk cafes, greenery throughout. Wait a minute I’m hallucinating that’s not Alhambra. That’s South Pas, or downtown Monrovia or even downtown Whittier. Main street might have become an attractive place.

  2. Meh, unless they film epic movies like Back to the Future, Alhambra isn’t going to be more attractive than South Pasadena.

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